Status Update

Jun 27 2016

It's been an interesting past few months. I've been working in-studio on a new concept (Three, actually), and now I'm moving into the major production stage for this series.

As you might have noticed, both Skyjourney AND Epic Level have been put on a hiatus for the time being. That was so I could devote my full time to both this new project and the bigger, more important things in life, such as working out.

Now I've come back to the internet and I'm almost ready to launch this new series, so if you're interested just hang around. It should be ready in the next week.


New Designs, New Ideas

Mar 02 2016

Yeah, It's happening! I'm moving everything over to a new design template, and upgrading some of my projects older code in the process.

Stay tuned as things change around here.


Jan 26 2016

I'm not dead, I promise. Anything but, in fact. I've taken these last three months to get my head clear. I am working on a very big project.

I won't reveal much now, but this site is due for an upgrade, and my content needs rearranging if this is going to work out.

Starting a new path

Oct 15 2015

I decided it was time to post a more flexible main site, and I think this does the job quite well. I wanted to keep my projects as the center-piece, but also add in a blog-esque section on the main page. Also, this is more mobile-friendly than the other site was.

Anywho, Skyjourney is still my top priority at the moment. I know I tend to get distracted by work or life in general, but I do intend to see at least one of these projects through to the end.

Starting today, I'm going to try to maintain a daily update schedule, even if it kills me.

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