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Monty's Legacy

By J.B Adams on September/12/2018

  I just finished reading the "Open letter to all who treasured Monty Oum", and I gotta say: WOW! I had never heard of rooster teeth or Burnie Burns or RvB or any of the stuff these guys put out before I found RWBY online and watched it.

  The show really inspired me and taught me a lot about what is possible in a little 2.5D web cartoon. The things that really stuck out to me about this series were the action choreography and the bright and brilliant colors that the show used to portray its characters and backgrounds. Before seeing RWBY I thought that you could only go so far using a line-less art style(A style that I have been trying to pioneer for years now).

  The original four character shorts that Monty oum created were nothing short of amazing. The action and fluidity portrayed in the series really inspired me to think outside the box. I read this letter and I thought to myself: "Hey! These people are not the perfect animation team/family that I thought they were! They have problems just like every other 'official' animation company!"

  I guess the moral of the story here is that if you're working for somebody else, your own spirit will be diminished and your own creative talents will be squelched unless you have complete mastery over what it is you are working on. Food for thought. Also, rooster teeth are a buncha jerks, I kind of figured that out from the start.

  I feel that the entertainment industry has become populated by people who are too focused on pushing some sort of unseen agenda or ideal to actually focus on what they're supposed to be working on in the first place. The whole point of entertainment is to make people happy, not to push some sort of strange idealistic agenda.

  Since Rooster Teeth is primarily a liberal animation and entertainment company, I feel like they're a lost cause at this point so the best thing to do would be to let them die of intellectual starvation at their own hands. That would only be fitting and just for a company that would do the things mentioned in this letter to someone who worked so closely with such a brilliant animator. R.I.P Monty Oum.

A New Outlook

By J.B Adams on September/9/2018

  So, I figure it's time I actually did some real writing whilst working on my next project. I've finally purchased a real smartphone after years & years of putting it off because I didn't want to jump right in and be a drone like I thought everyone else was being.

 I figured "Hey, I don't need something tracking me everywhere I go in the world". I still believe those words today, however, after owning my own smartphone, I realize that my phobia might've been a little overboard. This thing is so convenient to have around and it compliments my work regimen' nicely.

 So, I've also decided to turn my main page into a sort of mobile blog. I want to be easily readable from any device in the world, so mobile-friendliness is key going forward.

 Also, I think Google said they'd lynch anyone who didn't pander to mobile devices or something?

Horror's of Win.10

By J.B Adams on August/11/2018

  I can't understand why some people stand by windows 10 despite microsofts obvious divisiveness. You can't even use the thing without it bogging down whatever it is that you're doing at the moment with updates running in the background and microsoft constantly checking in on you to make sure you're not a criminal or whatever.

 But what is really blowing my mind is how that people will willingly ignore the blatant violation of their own privacy in order to have the "latest thing".

 Who doesn't remember the days when XP had just come out and the pressure was on for everyone to switch over to the latest version of windows? Most people didn't right away and for good reasons. Most of those reasons simply had to do with the fact that most people had outdated computer hardware that barely ran windows 95 or 98 as it was, let alone XP.

 But that was then, this is now, and microsoft has unloaded a totally different ballgame on us this time around. Almost anyone can afford decent computer hardware these days with more than enough juice to run windows 10. So, "what's the problem" you ask? The problem is that windows 10 always nags you to be connected to the internet and recieve updates from microsoft.